Care Suggestions

Our items are made with polymer clay, which while durable, still need to be cared for and handled gently. Please keep earrings away from oils, perfumes, lotions, solvents, hairspray, and any harsh chemicals. If your pieces do become dirty, you may gently clean them with a damp cloth, or a baby wipe. 

Our items do have a bit of a natural bend to them, but please do not intentionally bend your items, as this can cause breakage. 

Please avoid wearing our earrings to sleep, during any strenuous activity, or in any water to maximize the lifespan of your items. 

Keep stored in a safe place such as a jewelry box or display, and away from anything that may scratch the surface of your items. 

Items containing brass; the brass pieces will naturally tarnish over time. Brasso and a clean cloth is recommended to wipe away any marks on your brass accessories.